Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Exploring Color Lab

What color does a sheet of white paper appear to be when viewed through a red filter? red
What color does a sheet of white paper appear to be when viewed through a blue filter? blue

-- Reading from the bottom up to the top is recommended --

Shining the flashlight through the paper and putting the purple filter on the camera lens

Without the purple filter

Taking a photo with the red filter

Taking the photo with the yellow filter and a dual hand lens

These are photos taken with different colored filters on the camera lens and light beams from flashlights

Blue filter on the camera lens

Shining light through an orange filter creats orange light

Shining light through a purple filter creats purple light

The creature finds a mate

An abomination living is finest

Shining light through a red and blue filter creats purple pink light

Shining light through a red and green filter creats orange light

Shining light through a green filter creats green light

Shining light through a blue filter creats blue light

Shining light through a red filter creats red light


The materials

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crystallization of milk

Crystallization of milk-- Cookies and cream ice cream

1. Milk
2. Oreos
3. Ice
4. Salt
5. Pocky (optional)
6. A plastic bag
7. Tray

1. Pour milk into the plastic bag and seal it tight with a little air inside.

2. Lay the bag in the tray prepared and pour ice onto the bag.
3. Pour salt onto the ice and mix them thoroughly.

4. Use a tool to push the ice towards the bag and keep pushing until the milk becomes more solid.
5. When the milk seems a little solid, take out the bag and rinse it on the outside.
6. Crack the Oreos into smaller pieces and put them into the bag, then squeeze the mixture to spread the Oreos and the milk thoroughly.

7. Once again shut the bag's lid and do step 2-5
8. When the mixture looks nice and creamy, put the ice cream into cups and decorate with pockies.
9. Ready to serve!!

1. Don't let salt enters your mixture, or you'll be eating sea ice cream.
2. Don't make it vacuum in the bag-- Or let in too much air neither!
3. Make sure the bag doesn't have any holes in it or the salts will be getting their way in

The first time was a success! The ice cream tastes nice and yummy! But in the second time, we didn't change the bag so it had holes in it, making the ice cream all salty.

1)  why do we add salt to the ice? To make it colder and faster for the milk to freeze.
2)   why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly? If we mix them before, the milk would take a lot of time to freeze.
3)  what are two factors that affect the freezing you think? The ice and the salt.
4)  why do you need a bit of air in the bag? The air will make the ice cream soft and fluffy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Irregular rocks volume finding lab

We tried to find the mass and volume of the irregular shaped rocks and find the density

No.                             Mass                                Volume                                      Density
6                                 11.11                                22.22                                        50
2'                                213.5                                 2.135                                       100
11                               98.5                                   1.97                                         50
7                                 49.5                                   0.445                                       100
3                                 45                                     0.9                                            50
5                                 115.1                                2.302                                        50
5'                                 45.7                                 15.23                                        3
3'                                 25.6                                 0.512                                        50
9                                  199.9                               2.6653                                      75
12                                 146.3                              2.926                                        50
2                                  136.2                               1.816                                        75
7                                  12.56                               25.12                                        50


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The impact of society on environment

Our environment which is supposed to be safe for every being is being destroyed by the society of human beings themselves. For examples, something near us, the acid rain.
What is acid rain anyway?? To put it simply, the rain water is acid and it bites you. This is caused by releasing too much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and then they fuse with the rain clouds making chemical reactions with the water droplets in the sky and come pouring down to the surface which is very dangerous. But the thing is, in the past, there wasn't any of this acid rain before, so, what happened??
We release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere without realisation, car gas, burning woods or even factories. So the next time you got hurt by any monstrous rain, you know exactly who to blame.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ball bearing lab

Ball Bearing lab

The Effect of Gravity on Speed

Gravity provides a constant acceleration (force) on an object. The effect is changed by using ramps at different angles. In this lab, you will find the optimal angle to maximize acceleration on a ball bearing so it travels the farthest and/or the fastest. Friction is the opposing force created by the surface interactions. Whenever something rolls due to a force, friction will oppose this force and slow it down.

Equipment needed:
Timer Ramp Ball Bearing
Graph Paper (2) Ruler

1. Put the ramp against the seat of a chair. Place the ramp and chair so that the ramp points towards the hallway. Have your teammate on the other end of the hallway.
2. Place the ball bearing at the top of the ramp.
3. Lift the ramp 20 cm and release the ball bearing
4. Time how long it takes to travel 5 meters.
5. See how far it will go..
6. Repeat the experiment three times for each height then do 40 cm, 60 cm, and 80 cm.

Time to travel 5 meters
Distance travelled













The ball released from higher ramp travel faster and further. The ball release at height 80 cm went faster than and further than 20 cm.

1. Describe how the ball rolls off the ramp at each height—discuss the effect of bouncing or other               factors ?

Answer : The ball roll off at higher position went faster and longer distance than lower height. The result of the height of the ramp cause more acceleration of the ball

2. Discuss what is the fastest speed reached and any factors that could improve this ?

Answer : The ball with fastest speed was the one at highest angle. To improve speed, we need to change the angle higher.

3. Does the ball travel in a straight line, why or why not ?

Answer : Yes, because of the surface was smooth and does not cause friction between ball and ramp

Thursday, 19 January 2017